Wednesday, September 22, 2021

2021-2022 Ten Pins Reading Game


Reading Challenge Name:  2021-2022 Ten Pins Reading Game

Hosted By:  Rick @RickMillsProject

Duration:  October 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022 (reading done from January 1, 2021 counts)


How to:

  • Rent some ugly shoes, watch us spray them with some WD-40.
  • Grab a slice of greasy pizza and a beer.
  • You start with ten pins. The goal is to knock them all over. Each pin knocked over will be replaced by your book title(s) in the table above. Knock over a pin by any one of these methods:

    • Exact method: Read a book with that number in its title. Some numbers are difficult to find, so try these alternate methods...

    • Addition: This requires reading two books, each with a number in the title, the sum being the desired pin number.
      Example: Knock over pin 6 by reading Double Sin by Agatha Christie and Fourth Side of the Triangle by Ellery Queen (2 + 4 = 6). See sample for pin 6 below.

    • Subtraction: This requires reading two books, each with a number in the title, the difference being the desired pin number.
      Example: Knock over pin 2 by reading Seven Were Veiled by Kathleen Moore Knight and Five Little Peppers by Margaret Sidney (7 - 5 = 2) See sample for pin 2 below.

    • Multiply: This requires reading two books, each with a number in the title, which multiply to the desired pin number.

    • Divide: This requires reading two books, each with a number in the title, which divide to the desired pin number.

    • Author Name: The number is part of the author's name: "Sr." counts for 1, "Jr." counts for 2, or a Roman numeral suffix: III, IV, etc.

    • Wild Card: Read a book with a zero or eleven or greater in the title. This book may be used to knock over any pin of your choice. See the sample for PIn 8 below.

  • Submit the scorecard (once for each pin).


  1. This seasonal game is open October 1 2021 - March 31 2022 (alternates with Abra Cadavers).
  2. Any genre may be read.
  3. Any reading done from Jan 1 2021 to March 31 2022 qualifies. Can't remember? Check your Medical Examiner clipboard or Six Shooter Gallery!
  4. You may use each book only once (exception: if title has two numbers in it, you may use it twice).
  5. You can change or rearrange your books/pins. You may find you need to in order to get all the pins down. Just submit the form for the pin again, the new info will replace the old info. Well, not immediately. As soon as I update the page.
  6. You can use books already used by others.
  7. You can use each of the methods as much as you like.
  8. Print books, audio books, radio dramatizations, short stories, or e-books may be used.
  9. Bloggers are welcome to any images for your blog.
Pinsome acceptable word forms *
11, one, once, first, single, only, I
22, two, twice, second, both, double, II, duo, pair
33, three, thrice, third, triple, III, triangle, trio
44, four, fourth, quadruple, IV, square, rectangle, quartet
55, five, fifth, V, pentagram, pentagon, quintet
66, six, sixth, VI, hexagon, sextet
77, seven, seventh, VII
88, eight, eighth, VIII, octogon
99, nine, ninth, IX
Wild Cardszero or any number eleven or greater

* There may be others. Also see this list on Goodreads and this list on LibraryThing.


  • Questions? Email me at Thank you for participating!

Friday, September 3, 2021

Fall Into Reading Challenge 2021

Reading Challenge Name:  Fall Into Reading Challenge 2021

Welcome Post:

Hosted By:  Tia at Tia and All the Books, Kelly at Cozy Reader Kelly, Angie at Literary Labors, and Rainey at Rainey Day Reads

Duration:  September 1, 2021 - November 30, 2021


Prompt-based challenge with two levels (15 prompts and 24 prompts).  One book can be used for multiple prompts.  All details can be found in the welcome post/video.